Mission Areas


Small boat safety and security patrols, search and rescue, and maritime domain awareness are the Auxiliary's oldest and most active missions.  Flotilla 25-12 members serve in Auxiliary-only boat crews or to augment active duty personnel from Station Washington on the Potomac River.

Small Boat Operations (OP)

  • Small boat crew engaged in safety, security, search and rescue;
  • Regular maintance and upkeep of small boats;
  • On-water leaders and experts providing support for other missions.

Communications Specialists (CM)

  • Serve in radio rooms, command centers, and aboard vessels underway;
  • Maintain electronics systems including VHF-FM radio and GPS;
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute operational exercises.


Prevention missions center on marine safety and environmental protection, including pollution prevention and response, vessel safety examinations, public education and work with local schools, work with local marinas and waterfront establishments, and augmentation of active duty Coast Guard performing container and facility inspections.  We keep the marine environment and those that use it safe and free from harm.

Marine Safety Specialists (MS)

  • Support Coast Guard marine environmental and safety inspections missions;
  • Provide environmental and safety expertise within other mission areas;
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute operational exercises.

Vessel Examiners (VE)

  • Vessel safety and environmental checks aboard recreational boats;
  • Educate boaters as to how to be safer and legally compliant on the water;
  • Work with marinas to promote safety, compliance, and the environment.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs Specialists (PA)

  • Media (print, broadcast, and electronic) relations;
  • Community relations with local organizations, government, education;
  • Develop, maintain, and distribute print and electronic collateral material.

Mission Support


Human Resources

  • Recruit new Auxiliarists through general inquiries and by targeting specific populations or groups (boaters, retiring active duty, college students, or those with special skills).
  • Manage enrollment applications through all steps of process, including paperwork, fingerprinting, interviewing, signatures, and submission to DIRAUX.
  • Provide current members with HR services such as personnel management, identification, security, and non-routine needs.

Member Training

  • Ensure that all new members complete a robust "Basic Introduction Course" (BIC) upon joining, including classroom, on the job training, and workbook sign-offs;
  • Work with operational leaders to ensure personnel are properly trained to a level of proficiency for particular operational missions and requirements.
  • Provide for leadership succession by managing the officer trainee and leadership pipelines, including formal training, mentoring, and leadership development.

Information Technology

Communications Services

  • Design and maintain unit and program websites, focusing on CG standards compliance, aesthetics, information accessibility, and social connectivity.
  • Provide electronic support to public affairs activities via social media and traditional methods, enabling mission-focused personnel to better engage with the public.
  • Work with IS personnel to manage and maintain web systems, focusing on integration with data sources in order to boost productivity while not compromising personal information.

Information Systems

  • Ensure data integrity and timeliness by working with members to input accurate activities (time sheets) and member information to AUXDATA.
  • Manage electronic data systems including D4H and CGAUXNET, ensuring accurate data input and appropriate levels of individual user access.
  • Assist leadership decision making by providing timely, accurate, and insightful data analysis of mission execution and support activities.



  • Provide general ledger management to a unit or program, ensuring accurate records and compliance with policy pertaining to revenue and disbursements.
  • Create, enforce, and revise unit and program budets to ensure responsible, ethical, and accountable use of Coast Guard funds.
  • Capitalize unit and program missions through grant writing, fundraising, and public education for fee services.


  • Serve as primary acquisition personnel for unit and personal property, including personal protective equipment (PPE) obtained through the Coast Guard.
  • Track and inventory all unit and personal property, maintaining clear records of issued gear, and collecting property from disenrolling or transferring members.
  • Oversee equipment maintenance activities to ensure safe and efficient operational of all gear, particularly PPE.

Other Specialties

  • Food Service Specialists such as cooks, chefs (AUXFS, formerly AUXCHEF)
  • Linguistic Translators and Interpreters (Interpreter Corps)
  • Instructors (Public Education and Internal Coast Guard)
  • Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, EMT (AUXMED)