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Coast Guard and Auxiliary helicopter crew

You are interested in serving the Northern Virginia community in Coast Guard Auxiliary's Flotilla 25-12, but perhaps you are still wondering if "this is the right place for you."  Consider the recent thoughts of one of our members:

"The Auxiliary is home to two types of volunteers: those who want to apply their professional skills through part-time service, and those who want to escape their day-to-day work with an adventure, say, on-water search and rescue, marine environmental protection, or international work.  How many people can't raise their hand to one of those possibilities and say 'yeah, that's me?'"

With so many ways to contribute, it's hard for us to say where your 'perfect fit' in the Auxiliary will be (learn more about our mission areas), but there are a few things we can tell for sure:

  • There is something for nearly everyone, from on-water action-oriented missions to public affairs to environmental protection to teaching to administrative support for our operations; and
  • Though we wear a uniform, we remain civilians -- we do not deploy overseas with the military, and we are strictly non-combat -- our missions are to save lives, protect the marine environment, and keep the community we live in safe.

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You're ready to join! Now what?

The process from this point forward is very straightforward.  Go to the  Auxiliary's "Join Us Now" site to get started.

Emily Johnson discusses her Coast Guard Auxiliary experiences

"Military service was not for me, but I still wanted a way to serve the community and country, to make a difference in people's lives. I've found that opportunity in the Coast Guard Auxiliary."

--Emily Johnson