The following directions are provided to attendees at the Flotilla Northern Virginia Change of Watch, to be held January 2011 at the Fort Meyer Officers' Club.  Fort Myer, Virginia, is located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery. Please use one of the following two gates for this event:
  • Hatfield Gate on Washington Blvd. at South 2nd Street, Main gate, open at all times; or
  • Wright Gate on Marshall Dr. at Meade St. just off Rte 110, Open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.
A Google Map showing the two gates and the location of the Officers' Club is available at this link.

Directions to Fort Meyer

From the South on Interstate 95

Inside the Capital Beltway, 1-95 becomes 1-395. Proceed north toward Washington. Take Exit 8A (7 miles inside the Beltway), marked "Washington Blvd., Route 27." Bear left on the ramp, following the signs. Exit Washington Blvd. to the right at the exit marked "Fort Myer Only."

From the West on Interstate 66

Proceed on 1-66 inside the Capital Beltway. Take exit 26 (7 miles inside the Beltway) marked "Route 110 South, Pentagon, Alexandria." Pass the Iwo Jima Memorial on your right, then immediately turn right onto Marshall Drive and continue 3/4 miles to Fort Myer gate. 

From the North on the Capital Beltway

Immediately after crossing the American Legion Bridge into Virginia, exit to the right onto the George Washington Memorial Parkway, toward Washington, Exit 43-44. Merge onto the Parkway, then take exit toward US-50. Merge onto Arlington Blvd/US-50. Proceed west in the right lane to a ramp for Ft. Myer Drive/Meade Street. Make a left turn, pass by the Iwo Jima Memorial on your left, proceed to the stop sign and turn right into Ft. Myer. 

From Washington, DC

Take 1-395 out of the city and into Virginia. Pass the Pentagon and take Exit 8A for Washington Blvd. Proceed on Washington Blvd and take exit marked "Fort Myer Only" on the right.

Directions to the Officers' Club (once inside Fort Meyer)

From the Hatfield Gate
Head into the base on Carpenter Road.  Turn left at McNair Road.  Continue approximately one mile on McNair Road and make a sharp left on Jackson Avenue.  Continue to Officers' Club and parking at Custer Road on the right.

From the Wright Gate

Head into the base on Marshall Drive.  Continue on Jackson Avenue (right at fork in the road headed up the hill).  Continue to Officers' Club and parking at Custer Road on the right.