Member Benefits

There are a number of benefits to serving in the Auxiliary, volunteering your time and talents from your professional career, or pursuing opportunities outside the box of every day life.  

Auxiliary operations depend on the talents not only of seasoned mariners and former active duty military, but also on the leadership and technical skills of those in business, training and education, law, medicine, public relations (or photography, videography, web design), information technology, and a range of other fields.

Serve others in your community, across the country, or around the world - Most Auxiliarists will tell you that the greatest reward for their time is the opportunity to serve others across a range of civil, humanitarian, and environmental missions.  Most will speak of the pride they feel wearing their uniform and the thanks they get for their service.  To most Auxiliarists, these are the primary rewards.

Enhance your professional career or find an adventure away from business as usual - Many Auxiliarists wish to apply their professional skills and talents in service to others, while many others seize the moment for an adventure on the water, in the air, or protecting the marine environment.

Be part of a professional team and a global family - Guardians--whether Auxiliarists, Reservists, on active duty, or as part of the non-uniformed civilian workforce--are part of a professional and devoted team.  Most Auxiliarists make close and lasting friendships in the Flotilla and around the Coast Guard.

Travel the world, take advantage of Coast Guard morale, well-being, and recreation - The Auxiliary itself offers many funded opportunities for travel, be it to training, conferences, or for actual mission execution.  Take advantage of the Coast Guard's fitness centers, gymnasiums, picnic areas, movie theaters, travel services, bowling centers, food and beverage operations, and dedicated lodging facilities around the country.  Also utilize the Armed Forces Vacation Club ( and access very discounted vacation and lodging rates around the world.

Enjoy financial benefits and discounting shopping - Auxiliarists can not only shop at any Coast Guard Exchange, but they can also shop online ( using member-only discounts at a number of retailers.  As a Coast Guard Auxiliarist, you are also invited to join the Pentagon Federal Credit Union and enjoy the financial benefits they offer.  Maryland residents are further authorized a Coast Guard Auxiliary service deduction from their state income taxes.