About the Auxiliary

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Safety.  Security.  Marine environmental protection.  Humanitarian assistance.  Homeland security.  Service to others—in our communities, across the nation, and around the world.  These are the things that Coast Guard Auxiliarists put first every day, the missions that these uniformed civilian volunteers have tirelessly performed for over seventy years.  

Auxiliarists come from a wide range of backgrounds, working in countless jobs outside of the Coast Guard, but serve together part-time in an equally wide range of missions.  We are boat crews on the water during a search and rescue mission, public educators to recreational boaters, vessel inspectors, public affairs specialists, international language interpreters traveling the world, protectors of the marine environment, healthcare specialists, and more.

Auxiliarists have a great deal to be proud of.  Over the past ten years, Auxiliary members have:

  • Contributed 44,417,850 hours;
  • Taught 1,678,946 people with 980,000 hours of classroom work;
  • Spent over 869,000 hours in community relations and media events;
  • Contributed more than 22,000 hours in medical support to the Coast Guard;
  • Spent more than 700,000 hours on Marine Safety and Environmental Protection missions;
  • Consulted with state legislatures for over 5,483 hours;
  • Worked more than 39,000 hours in the International arena;
  • Conducted 1,170,535 Vessel safety Checks over 579,000 hours, including more than 167,000 first time checks and over 158,000 high risk checks;
  • Made over 418,000 Recreational Boating Safety Program visits totaling more than 279,000 mission hours;
  • Served 4,297,312 hours underway on safety patrols;
  • Worked 56,188 hours on 25,377 missions, verifying 138,867 aids to navigation;
  • Examined over 10,223 commercial fishing vessels;
  • Provided 1,587,646 hours of Coast Guard operational support on over 197,000 support missions;
  • Supported the Coast Guard administratively with 770,554 hours during 115,292 missions;
  • Trained over 1,125,019 hours;
  • Performed Search and Rescue for over 723,000 hours, resulting in 5,083 lives saved, 141,980 persons assisted, and $1,460,055,940 in property saved;
  • Recruited for The Coast Guard Academy, Active Duty & Reserve Officer and Enlisted programs for over 105,000 hours; and
  • Spent over 19,475,000 hours performing administrative work.

Since 1999, the Coast Guard Auxiliary has participated in events, including but not limited to:

  • OPSail 2000 & USCGC Eagle visits to U.S. ports;
  • 9/11 attacks response;
  • Hurricanes Charlie, Rita, Katrina, Ike;
  • The California Delta Whale Rescue;
  • Several oil spills in the gulf coast, Alaska and in California;
  • Annual support for AIM week(s) at the USCGA;
  • Annual support for the International Boating and Water Sports Symposia;
  • National Association of State Boating law Administrators events;
  • Boating Safety Advisory Council;
  • Training various waterborne police agencies;
  • Support the Coast Guard with Interpreters throughout the world;
  • Support as Chefs on CG vessels and stations; and
  • Augmenting by Auxiliary Health Professionals at Coast Guard clinics.

Andrew Welch discusses his Coast Guard Auxiliary experience

"I've had the greatest experiences, met the greatest people of my life as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist. It doesn't matter what you do in your 'day job' -- when we're here, we're a team, and I can't imagine topping that."

--Andrew Welch